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With more than 20 years of manual hoisting equipment and SRL repair and recertification experience under our belts, we at Ergon Industrial Tools & Repair are one of the best Edmonton industrial repair companies in the area. We take pride in providing honest, reliable, and trustworthy services, as well as our exceptional customer service skills. Our team strives to go above and beyond to ensure all your manual hoisting equipment and SRL needs are not only met, but exceeded. When looking for an Edmonton industrial tool business that specializes in manual hoisting equipment and SRL devices, come to Ergon Industrial Tools & Repair.

Our Products

We cannot only repair and recertify manual hoisting equipment and SRLs, but we sell new products as well! Our company offers a multitude of top SRL and manual hoisting equipment brands so your purchase can last for many years. We understand how important said equipment is to your company and your business, which is why we provide the best products available.

Our products and sales include the following items:

  • Manual Hoisting Equipment: From chainhoists to comealongs, we can sell you some of the best manual hoisting equipment money can buy. Our experts have years of experience with these tools and can provide you with the advice necessary to select the correct equipment for your specific needs.
  • SRLs: SRLs, or self-retracting lifelines, can help keep you and your workers safe on the job. We offer a variety of SRLs for you to choose from and can even repair SRLs that have been damaged. Ensure you purchase the best SRLs by shopping at Ergon Industrial Tools & Repair!
  • Tractel Fall Protection: Tractel offers some of the best and highest rated fall protection products in the world. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, we can provide you with the appropriate fall protection kits to keep your job site safe.
  • Elephant Lifting Equipment: From manual chain hoist to trolleys and beam crawls, our Edmonton industrial tool warehouse carries the most commonly used Elephant Lifting products on the market. We also repair and recertify these items for your convenience.
  • Tractel Material Handling: We offer a variety of Tractel material handling products, including hand operated lifting and pulling equipment and floor handling equipment. We are also distributors for Tractel material handling equipment so you can purchase these devices from our warehouse. From pallet trucks to mechanical jacks, we carry a wide range of industrial tools to help you complete you complete your project.
  • Honeywell Fall Protection: Honeywell is another trusted company in the fall protection industry. We offer Miller and North fall protection products under the Honeywell brand. For more information on our Honeywell products, contact our Edmonton location today!
  • Additional Services: Alongside the services listed above, we also repair and recertify beam clamps, beam trolleys, and plate clamps. By repairing these items and not replacing them, you can save your company hundreds of dollars!

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No matter what type of SRL or manual hoisting equipment for which you are searching for, our team can help you find and purchase the best possible product for your project. We strive to keep you and your employees safe via our products, repairs, and recertification services, which is why we only offer the best. Shop confidently at Ergon Industrial Tools & Repair by calling (780) 395-0095 today!

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